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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

What I did on my holidays - got married...

I haven't posted for awhile because the summer has been taken up with preparations for my wedding to the lovely Nana who flew in from Ghana on July 30th. The fact that she did not turn tail and fly out again, lived with me for four weeks and then went through with our wedding, demonstrates either extreme foolhardiness, or amazing patience or her genuine love for yours truly. I suspect it's all three actually.

What has surprised me is that after a gap of 22 years of happy bachelorhood I appear to have taken to married life again rather well. So all those cynics out there who thought I was destined to be a crusty middle aged man for the rest of my days, will need to change their opinions fast.

It was an obvious surprise to many of our wedding guests on the 26th August that I had ever married again, but love (and the daily assistance of Skype video phone calls for 18 months) has conquered all. I have received a number of messages after the wedding to say we both looked gloriously happy. And yes we are.

Nana's subtle influences on our living arrangements are beginning to show. Early on it was decided that my business needed to move out of the flat, which took place in mid-August, and since then the use of a table-cloth, and the arrival of a bathmat in the shower room, offers a glimpse of the feminising touches to the flat that I accept will increase over time.

My large black and white mounted picture of a young Naomi Campbell (before her nose-job) which used to be on display above the bathroom wash basin has been banished and is now displayed in the office. I suspect some football related items might need to follow.

We are taking it in turns in cooking dinner, and the steady increase in exotic ingredients found in the kitchen cupboards proves Nana has found her way round some of the independent shops in Kilburn High Road and discovered the basics to produce some wonderful Ghanaian dishes. I have always enjoyed a wide range of food, and this simply offers further delights to my palate. It provides an extra bonus I did not take into consideration when deciding to marry, but hey, I am not complaining!

I used to tell a joke - "I believe in marriage. Everyone should get married at least once, because everyone needs to experience some misery in their lives..." As I said in my wedding speech - that one is being deleted from my memory bank.

Happy times.

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